Wheel structural repair: Better to repair or buy new

LED Bulbs: Should You Re-Equip Your Vehicle?
February 5, 2020
LED Bulbs: Should You Re-Equip Your Vehicle?
February 5, 2020
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Wheel structural repair: Better to repair or buy new

 Since damaged or bent rims can be dangerous, they are likely to be given priority when it comes to repair and maintenance of vehicles.  Rim repair might very well be affordable and less expensive than a new one. The rims and tires assembly make up the wheel and this is the only contact your vehicle has with the ground as your vehicle moves.

The types of rims involved are 

  1. steel wheel: a bent steel wheel becomes problematic when the bend is enough to deflate the tire.  The air will leak from between the rubber and the damaged rim. The tire needs to be removed to allow for inspection.  In most case, the rim can be properly repaired on-location at no additional cost. If the tire is not damaged, the wheel can be reassembled, rebalanced, and installed on the vehicle for a permanent fix.
  2. alloy wheel: a bent alloy rims requires special attention and TLC.  The process requires heating the wheel to about 200 degrees Celsius.  The deformed section is pushed back into position. enTIREly mobile always place the resulting wheel on a lathe to be smoothed out and therefore remove any potential chance of vibration while driving.

Bent rims can also cause tire pinching and popping that can consequently lead to blowouts. They also can make controlling your car difficult thus making its driving dangerous. 

The following can be an indication that a rim is bent and that a quick inspection by an expert is required.

  • Unsteadiness during steering

Shakiness or vibration in your car primarily felt in the steering wheel.

  • The handling performance of your car is unusual. 

A bent rim leads to problems that affect the steering performance of your car. If you are having problems controlling your car, this is likely to be as a result of a bent rim.

  • Noticeable damage to the wheel.

 A thorough inspection of the wheel after removing the hubcaps should give you a hint.  

  • Consistently deflating tires

If your wheel is constantly losing pressure, there is a possibility that your rim is bent. In this case, the space created between the rubber and the wheel is responsible for the leakage of air.

Repairing versus replacing your bent rim

The decision between the two will most likely be determined by the extent of the damage on the rim and the replacement cost of the wheel. 

Steel wheels can often be repaired with specialized tools while your wheel is off the car. enTIREly mobile does not charge extra to repair a bend causing deflation in a steel wheel.

Alloy wheels can be repaired in most cases and depending on the brand of wheel, a wheel repair is often more affordable than purchasing a new one.  To keep you mobile, a wheel substitution (spare or off season wheel) can be used while the damaged wheel is being repaired.

You are invited to contact enTIREly mobile for a free evaluation of your damaged wheel.

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