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Just over 4 years ago, I became fascinated with how much time was spent servicing our vehicle at garages and dealers. I found we could free up customer’s valuable time by driving directly to the vehicle owner for service. With now on his 5th year in the mobile automotive industry, we aim at providing outstanding customer service at reasonable cost.

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Why Our Clients Love Us...

  • Mirella, Jul 2016
    “Service comes to you, all is done without any trouble .... I totally recommend it ...”
    Mirella, Jul 2016
  • Jul 2016
    “Eric was polite and his service was prompt. There was a miscommunication, but Eric made up for it. If you think your tire is probably repairable and you need/want onsite tire repair, give Eric a call. He's a nice guy with a unique service.”
    Jul 2016
  • Jason, June 2016
    “When I called Eric, I was a little embarrassed about the state of my 2008 Honda CRV. My wife and I have a young son, and because of our busy schedules, all of our spare time goes to him. Unfortunately, that means our car is neglected ... and dirty. VERY dirty. Salt was caked all over our carpets and cloth mats, there was yogurt smeared all over the window next to the car seat, the beige upholstery was stained with God knows what (we did try to get the stains out, but couldn't), and there was a layer of small rocks, dirt, and cereal over everything else. I admit, it was gross. I warned Eric when I called him, and kind of expected that he might want to charge us something beyond his usual rate considering the circumstances. But... that's not what happened... at all! Eric came to our house while we were at work, changed our tires, and cleaned our vehicle to the point where it was IMMACULATE. Without exaggeration, the inside looked like it did when we bought it four years ago. My wife and I were shocked, to say the least. All the dirt, salt, and stains were gone. The carpet was clean enough to eat off of (although we didn't try). If you need your tires changed or your car detailed, and want it done wherever your vehicle just happens to be, Eric is the man for the job. He is honest, extremely courteous, and believe it or not, his rates are lower than most of the competition out there. People like Eric are hard to find. We are EXTREMELY impressed, and he's earned very loyal customers.”
    Jason, June 2016
  • Rock, Aug 2016
    “Friendly and FAST service. Transparent and upfront with information. My tire was not repairable but Mr. Fauteux was extremely helpful in facilitating a warranty claim with the manufacturer. I would definitely recommend the service to anyone who can't get to a garage or tire maintenance outlet.”
    Rock, Aug 2016
  • Adrian, Nov 2016
    “Eric is amazing. No more wasting valuable time at a dealership or mechanic or waiting weeks to schedule a tire change. Highly recommended.”
    Adrian, Nov 2016
  • Scott, Jan 2017
    “Eric was awesome! He kept me informed and educated me to make good decisions throughout the process. Alignment was 100% too!”
    Scott, Jan 2017

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