We only use Original Equipment Manufacturer approved glass and high quality products. Our modern equipment and meticulous installation will ensure that your windshield remain a safety feature of your vehicle . All chip repair are guaranteed to stabilized the integrity of the whole windshield. No need to drive to brick and mortar location, we drive to you for convenience.

Ask your insurance company if the work is covered

Steps to repair a chipped windshield:

There are two types of Chips, the Bullseye and the Star Pattern. Each of them must be treated differently:

Star: It is clear that the injected resin must ideally reach each tip of the star. For this to happen, a clear access to the broken glass is mandatory. We will drill a pinhead hole in the original breaking point (usually the middle)until the bit has reached a midpoint in windshield thickness. Low viscosity resin will be injected through this glass opening. Being more fluid, the resin has a better chance of reaching the farther tips of the star pattern break. Several cycles of pressure and vacuum must occur to create a good fill.

Bullseye: This type of chip looks like a half moon. Typically, a sharp pick will be used to remove any loose glass. A high viscosity resin will be injected to fill the chip. Again, multiple cycles of vacuum and pressure may be required to fill the break completely.

The curing: Curing of the resin is done with UV light applied to the area. A bright sunny day may be all it takes to properly cure the resin.
The excess resin will now be scrapped off the surface of the windshield.

Steps to replace a windshield:

Detachable moldings and wiper arms are usually removed as a first step. A seal exist between the glass and the chassis frame of the vehicle. That product is called Urethane. This black seal must be broken or cut in order to remove the broken windshield. Various tools are used to cut through the urethane. Cold knife or wire type tools are the most popular.

The exposed urethan must be removed as much as possible and the surface prepared with an activator solution. The similarly treated new clean windshield is affixed on a bead of new urethane that has been pre applied to the vehicle chassis.

Moldings and wipers are then reattached. It is important to note that a vehicle to be entirely safe, the urethane must cure for one hour before it can be driven.