Our certified technicians can repair and refinish almost any alloy or steel wheel up to 30" in diameter. We utilize industry-leading wheel repair equipment to exact precise wheel and rim repairs with exceptional quality and fast turnaround.

Bend repair:

Our technicians use proven process to remove almost any bend on alloy and steel wheels. The resulting accuracy of the wheel is guaranteed.


Using industry-leading equipment, paints and processes we can restore your scraped, gouged, curb rashed, scratched, corroded and discolored wheels. Our process is highly specialized and unique to particular used wheels and can guarantee a factory match for most rims.

Crack welding:

Proper welding of a cracked wheel or rim is a time consuming and delicate process. Do not use quick fix solutions such as sealing compounds, the problem is more serious than that. Let our certified technician fix your cracked wheel today.

Leaks & Corrosion:

We have the cure for your leaking bead seats. If your tires are leaking air it is likely that you have a bent wheel or that your rim bead seats are corroded. Our bead seat repair service is guaranteed to seal your used wheels for two years.