LED Bulbs: Should You Re-Equip Your Vehicle?

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January 13, 2020
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LED stands for light-emitting diode. It has to be acknowledged that LED bulbs are on the rise and this does not only apply to the motor vehicle industry. LEDs are being used in the housing industry due to its efficiencies. But today we will concentrate on the motor vehicle industry.

There are a couple of reasons that should make you re-equip your car with LED bulbs in order to have a better motoring experience. So, if you are planning or thinking about upgrading to LED lights, here are some reasons why you should go ahead with the idea.

Easy to Maintain 

Normal halogen bulbs need replacing from time to time because they can only do about 5,000 hours of motoring. On the contrary, LED bulbs are of a solid state and so they can last for many years of your motoring experience. Let’s approximate their lifetime using some facts. At 50% solid use, LED bulbs can last to about 22 years. Therefore, by switching to LEDs bulbs you will be investing in your motoring future by saving on a lifetime of maintenance costs.  Resale value of your vehicle may also increase.

Yes, the bulbs are expensive upfront but remember that they last longer. Divide the price by the durability period and what you get is cheap bulbs. Apart from the overall cost, LED bulbs use less electricity thus putting less strain on your car battery. 

Get More Efficient Lighting

LED bulbs are considered to provide more efficient lighting, especially when compared to halogen bulbs. Halogen bulbs are known to waste about 80% of their energy which is lost through heat generation. The heat they produce is a byproduct of creating the glowing light. LEDs on the other hand convert 80% of the energy it uses to light. It wastes 20% in the process but in general, it is considered very efficient.

Brighter Illumination

LED bulbs shine much brighter than halogen lights despite the fact that they use less energy. Poor lighting on motor vehicles is a cause of accidents at night or foggy conditions. Having brighter lights averts accidents thus keeping you safe. LEDs do not just offer brighter illumination, it also does it in an efficient manner. Efficiency is measured by the ability of the light to point in a specific direction rather than just glowing. So, you want a bulb with directional light.

LED bulbs are also more responsive and activate faster than halogen lights. This makes them ideal for brake lighting.

Therefore, re-equip your vehicle with LED bulbs and enjoy the luxuries of motoring. 

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