1What types of tires do you sell?
We sell all popular brand tires and least expensive ones. Our aim is to provide a quality tire at reasonable cost. For every tire quote, we consult the latest Consumer Report Magazine tire ranking category for your vehicle. We will also quote you lower priced tires if your budget is limited.
2I have lost my lock nut remover. Will this create a problem removing my wheels?
Not likely. We offer a lock nut/bolt removal service. The nut or bolt will need to be replaced after extraction.
3How do you balance my wheels?
We carry a balancer inside the company truck. Wheels over 22” in diameter can be accurately balanced.
4My tires are low profile and run flats. Are you equipped for such tire change?
We have all equipment on board to properly mount and dismount run flats and low profile tires. We have optional equipment to make sure your rims will not be damaged in the process.
5My windshield is broken. Can I have it repaired?
Any chips that are the size of a toonie will typically be repairable. Anything larger will require a replacement. Always check with your insurance to see if the repair/replacement is covered.
6How does EnTIREly Mobile work, how do I make an appointment?
Being mobile, we are constantly on the road. You can connect with us with your phone, text, email, or social media accounts. If you have an emergency, we will make anything possible to show up as per your request.
7My tires are now installed, how important and how do you provide a torque check
Checking the torque of your wheels after 10-100 km is very important. Any wheels that has been newly removed and installed on a vehicle needs to be checked for torque. It is important because we torque your wheel nuts or bolts as per what your vehicle manufacturer recommends. We will provide the required torque check at no extra cost. Connect with us and we will provide our next location. Meet us at that location and we do the service.
8My wheels are extremely corroded. Is it worth while to have them refinished
If your wheels are original or high end aftermarket it is worthwhile. This will be a lot less expensive than If you were to purchase those new wheels again. Corrosion “eats-up” the aluminum but do not alter its physical integrity. We might recommend a hammered finish to blend in minor defects caused by corrosion.
9What type of paint do you use to refinish my wheels?
We use a process called Powder Coating. It is goes through a series of preparation steps before being baked at high temperature in a controlled environment. This is the most durable finish you can get on the market. For other minor repairs done on location, we use use high quality automotive paint.
10Do you carry any warranty wheel paint jobs?
Any Powder Coated wheels are warrantied for life. Minor repairs done on location are warrantied for one year.