What Is Aquapel Windshield Treatment

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What Is Aquapel Windshield Treatment

Aquapel glass/windshield treatment that makes water repel from the glass. Ever got stuck in traffic when it’s raining? Well, the traffic is because drivers cannot see well through the water streaking on the windshield caused by rainwater, especially at night. The feeling is awful and may cause drivers to strain a lot or cause accidents.

Aquapel windshield treatment becomes the best solution to such a problem. Despite being used in the motor vehicle industry, it can also be used in any window that people require a clear vision off of. Therefore, the product can be used for auto, marine, aviation, and home purposes.

Brief History

Aquapel was developed and first patented by Pittsburgh Glass Works. It was formerly known as Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company (PPG) industries, the greatest competitor to the renowned Rain-X product. PPG is a Fortune 500 company based in America with branches all over the world. They make other products like paint coatings and specialty materials.

The Product

Aquapel glass treatment is unlike its competitor’s silicone-based compound Rain-X. Aquapel lasts longer than other glass repellant products that are silicone-based. The treatment is based on fluorinated compounds called fluoroalkylsilanes which create a chemical bond when applied on glass. The chemical bond causes water molecules to bead up and roll off the glass surface.

Aquapel was designed for professional use on windshields, rear windows, side windows, glass shower doors, or any other kind of glass that requires a clear view. But more importantly, the product is vital to the auto industry.

The product:

  • Reduces glare in the rain during the day and especially at night
  • Repels rainwater to give you a remarkably improved vision
  • Keeps down salt water and helps reduce water marks on the glass
  • Makes it easier for you to clear ice, snow as well as dirt from your windshield

Going by the advantages of using the product, Aquapel has helped motorists avert fatal accidents especially those that happen at night during the rain.

How to Apply Aquapel Windshield Treatment

First, make sure that the windshield surface is clean. Give it a wash, rinse and dry it. Take the applicator and hold in between your fingers and thumb. Put the pad down as well as level over the windshield before you squeeze the wings together. You will hear a popping sound which indicates that the liquid has been released on the pad. Use it immediately.

After application of entire surface use a dry paper towel as leaving the Aquapel to dry off may create a hazy finish that will require extra buffing. Then the windshield is ready for use.