Fill your tires with N-Gas

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February 19, 2018
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April 17, 2018
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Fill your tires with N-Gas

This is likely not revolutionary for you to know but most tires are filled with compressed air. What you may not know is that there is something else you can pump up your rubber with that will provide extra benefits for your driving performance. This magical substance is called Nitrogen. This is not to be confused with that stuff that race cars use to go at warp speed which is Nitrous; rather Nitrogen is actually something that is found in the air we breathe already but don’t worry it won’t kill you (it hasn’t yet right).

Air is 78% nitrogen and almost 21% oxygen with the rest of the percentages being water vapor, CO2 and small concentrations of noble gases such as neon and argon. We can ignore the other gases, it’s the main ones that help keep your tires pumped up anyway.

You can actually fill your tires with Nitrogen instead of compressed air (which contains some Nitrogen) and your tires will maintain a more even pressure. Additionally, your tires will be less likely to lose air as the Nitrogen will be trapped in the rubber. This means you won’t have to pump up your tires as often or monitor the tire pressure during temperature changes. Pretty neat huh?

With nitrogen, your tire pressures will remain more constant, saving you a small amount in fuel and tire maintenance costs – but hey a lot of drops fill a bucket so it’s better to have the extra cash in your pocket right? Also, there will be less moisture inside your tires since the compressed air contains more moisture and is more susceptible to moisture developing. This translates into less corrosion on your wheels with Nitrogen and corrosion is not good for your wheels.


If you were hoping for a noticeable difference, sorry to disappoint but you will not notice a difference in the way your car behaves such as handling or braking, unless your tire pressures were seriously out of spec and changing to nitrogen brought them back to the proper numbers. Although, you may notice some minor savings at the pump and the constant tire pressure is definitely better for your vehicle over the long term.

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Looks like compressed air loses this round!

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